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Shouldn't we know all the deaths, readmissions complications and infections?

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Shouldn't all hospitals and urgent care facilities be required to report all outcomes?

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Are you a provider or hospital?

We want to partner with you to provide real choices for millions of patients. Benefits of using My Doctor Knows

  • Improve patient trust through transparency
  • Collect patient reported outcomes to satisfy CMS and Insurer reimbursement
  • Post your availability for easy patient scheduling
  • Real-time analytics Dashboard focused on value-based outcomes
  • Improve patient experience through engagement

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An Employee or Insurer?

We want to partner with you to improve your provider networks. Benefits of using My Doctor Knows

  • Analytic insights into individual provider outcomes
  • Methodology to improving provider networks
  • Deeper understanding of provider and member relationships

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A Patient or Parent?

We believe healthcare is a civil right and are here to support you. Benefits of using My Doctor Knows

  • Choosing a provider or hospital based on real health outcomes
  • Rate your provider(s) based on outcomes that matter most to patients
  • Scheduling the right appointment, with the right provider at the right time

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